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Getting Started

Besides the Martial, Acrobatic, Music and Dance aspects of Capoeira, it is internationally being recognised as a communal and deeply involving experience. Once you become a Capoeirista, an instant bond is created between you and millions of other people globally who share your passion. An obvious thing that we can't ignore is the fact you will attain the prowess to guide your body into shapes and positions that most of the general public can not ever imagine being possible. The birth of a superhero

Like most movement arts, Capoeira is full of health related benefit; Some of which are:


A Capoeirista is constantly moving around practically using each and every part of his/her body and executing techniques ranging from slaps, kick and headbutts; to handstands, cartwheels and backflips. Moving in such a way automatically results in a ridiculously upper and lower body strength with an impregnable core responsibly initiating every move with supreme control. A strong body with such movement complexity is inevitably backed up by an even stronger mind

Flexibility, Agility and Stamina:

When it come to overall fitness,a Capoeirista is second to non. Literally any movement in whatever plane possible, is achievable and becomes second nature to the practitioner. Fluidly moving through space at variant speeds with ease, drives truth into the statement; "Capoeira is the language of the body". 5 to 10 minutes of a deeply involved Capoeira game can rival hours of intensive cardio sessions to no end. So every day is followed by more flexibility, agility, strength, stamina and all that the body could ever wish for.

Other benefits that comes with the practice

Self-awareness and discipline gained for both the inner and outer self; Coordination, Rhythm and Musicality which are all embedded within the practice of Capoeira; Self confidence and respect. This can sprout from many different aspects of Capoeira. One of which being the achievement of relatively amazing feats depending on the practitioner and level; The list goes on and on....

what's beyond this is a journey that you should experience yourself in order to get a firsthand feel of the phenomenon that is Capoeira

Next step is to choose and try out your first class. After that, everything else falls into place just like that. !!CLICK HERE!!

There are two main styles in Capoeira. The two being ANGOLA and REGIONAL. Here is a short description of each to help with differentiating between the two.


Angola is the more "traditional" or older style of capoeira. Within the angola styles, the focus is more on slower(though not always), controlled movements done closer to the ground. To a certain extent the movements can appear very animal-like. The dance aspect is also infused deeper into the core of Capoeira Angola and there is a lot more emphasis on sneakiness and trickery (malicia).


Regional has its focus geared more towards the martially driven aspect of the art and tends to be more flashy than its counterpart even though it keeps all of the traditions of Capoeira. In short, this style is home to upright fast movements, high kick and aerial gymnastics.

The Capoeira science style is a mix of both angola and regional